prezzo di sorpresa ! Uomo Abbigliamento Blu Scuro P098 738800884093

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prezzo di sorpresa ! Uomo Abbigliamento Blu Scuro P098 738800884093

  • Colore principale: Blu Scuro
  • Materiali: Cotone, Lycra

Scissors, needle and thread matched with passion total dedication and a hint of inspiration were the ingredients used in the 30’s by Filippo Caucci, grand-father of the current company owners, who gave life to his company, an atelier in the Province of Teramo, by creating tailored garments. In the postwar period, the good business relationships with textile suppliers and small family-run manufacturers convinced the son Alberto and the daughter-in-law Giuseppa to start up a business activity specialised in the sale of textiles. The acquired know-how allowed a progressive integration process that in the 60’s culminated with the opening of a micro-laboratory for the creation of pants. The 70’s boom confirmed the market positioning of the company as a point of reference for those artisan enterprises willing to make a quantum leap in the industrial field of Val Vibrata manufacturing district. The Caucci’s manufacturing company progressively specialised itself in the development and industrialisation of self-made models, by entrusting the manufacturing of clothing to outsourcers according to a shared bill of material management. It also systematically sold and cut textiles within the company, to achieve economies of scale, maximise efficiencies and reserve the final product quality control besides its distribution on the whole national territory. At the beginning of year 2000 the Caucci’s, in order to segment the demand and change their supply, founded the FG 1936 Company. The FG 1936 Company manufactures tailorised jeans and pants which are distributed in a selected wholesale channel.

Appeal to the historical cultural and manufacturing heritage of Italy, in particular to that of Val Vibrata, to make clothing in a workmanlike manner, respectful of tradition but always in step with the times.